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All articles in “Overhaul”, “Serviceable”, “Repaired”, “Inspected” condition that do not carry an  FAA 8130 or EASA Form One tag, MUST be accompanied by a signed tear down report or  detailed work order. No exceptions will be made or accepted. We reserve the right to reject and  request a full refund for items that do not meet our requirements. 

All life limited parts must have documented cycles from a certified source. 


packaging and labeling requirements

All shipments must be packaged to prevent in-transit damage. All items are required to be  packaged in accordance with ATA 300 packaging spec. 

All parts must be New /unused unless otherwise stated. 

We reserve the right to inspect the articles purchased and repaired. 

If parts are not deemed acceptable, they will be returned at your cost. RELIANCE MRO, INC  reserves the right to access its supplier’s sites to confirm the quality of materials provided and  extends the right of access to Reliance MRO customers and regulatory authorities. 

Reliance MRO intention is to ensure that all persons in the supply chain are aware of their  contribution to product or service conformity, their contribution to product safety, the importance  of ethical behavior. 

Verification by the customer does not absolve Reliance MRO or its suppliers of the responsibility  to provide products or services that meet requirements. 

Suppliers must notify Reliance MRO immediately of any product non-conformities prior to  delivery and/or after delivery if found, discovered, or applicable. 

Suppliers are required to notify the organization of changes in products and/or process definition where required and obtain organization approval if necessary. 

Requirements for the supplier to flow down to sub tier suppliers the applicable requirements in  purchasing documents including key characteristics were required. 

Please reference our Purchase order number on all conference. Notification of changes  regarding quantities to be shipped. Certificate of conformance and/ or Material Test Reports  are required for raw material and finishing post-processing. 

Reliance MRO standard terms and conditions are incorporated into this order by reference. 

If the vendor listed on this purchase Order is failing to meet the required dock date as agreed upon by acceptance of this Purchase Order inclusive of your initial quote to Reliance MRO.  Your organization will be responsible for covering overnight shipping and/or freight charges and any contract modifications charges resulting from delayed delivery. 


F: PO REV. 1 EFF. 04/01/2019 APPROVED BY: OMAR